25 thoughts on “FIFA 14: Manchester United Career Mode – Episode #5 – You Pick One!!!

  1. walter white

    Hello YouTube, since FIFA 12 I’ve been the first to make a working FUT
    HACK. I’ve done it again, and the beauty of my hack is that it requires
    NONE of your account info. I dont want any of it. And all the logging in is
    done on the EA website. I prove my hack works by giving myself 1 MILLION
    COINS (yes, 1M!) I even spend the money to prove its not photoshopped. ALSO
    NO SURVEYS. So watch my video now and you WONT REGRET IT!

  2. Gabriel Brody

    WHY WOULD YOU SELL DE GEA?!? And plus its ka-ga-wa not kar-gar-wa. You r so
    bad at defending and an offense to united! Why no Rooney u fool? Jeez u r
    so dumb

  3. DaMatrix Band UK

    GET GOTZE or robben robben is 29 but 88 rated and goes for under 30 mil
    ribery is 30 rated 91 goes for under 20 mil JUST GET SOMEONE FROM BAYERN
    MAN they are all amazing

  4. Destin Cash

    Id sell kagawa to get Ronaldo then play Ronaldo at CAM, I know that isn’t
    his position, but plays the position amazing. And I would also get aguero.

  5. Philippe Mignon

    Been subscribed to u for a while…Lovin the series #AA9skillzisbeast

  6. Oliver Apelroth Stryhn

    Hey skillz dude. It says “Kagowa” just like you say it. 

  7. Dino Laxman

    AA, it is not said as Ka-gaa-wa. The way you usually say it is actual
    Japanese way of saying it.

  8. Miroslav Horvat

    listen skillz put valencia in game thats all. you will see what i am
    talking about

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