25 thoughts on “Fifa12 Ultimate Team- Trading To Manchester United- Episode 23 (HD)

  1. fedebluth

    dude i hve tried both tots valencia and nani and i realized nani is better seriously valencia is just a waist of coins

  2. 109manchesterunited

    Get nani , giggs, welbz, Chicha for subs with jones and smalling are about 200-500 coins and evens and fabio

  3. TheFifaHDWorld

    Oh Yeah mate i forgot about tht sorry i do it soon 🙂

  4. XxsammercsXx

    @TheFifaHDWorld when you msking that vid about me(about the coin guide)xx

  5. TheFifaHDWorld

    I Know was a long day lol my bad 😛

  6. CTBclan

    lol u said welcome back to episode 22 at 1:54.. 😛

  7. XxsammercsXx

    these vids make me get a boner 😛 😛 :P:P:P:P:P:P:P:P:):D

  8. TheFifaHDWorld

    Most The Time Over Night So 12 Hours 😀

  9. iblondyy123

    how long do u put them up for when u trying to sell them?

  10. TheFifaHDWorld

    won’t be next video cus i already recored the next few episodes but i defo do one before this series is over 😀

  11. EirikurMeistAri

    Yes, thanks, can you maybe in the next video show us how you find these IF deals?

  12. TheFifaHDWorld

    look on episode 100 of this series show how i trade 🙂

  13. TheCelticsfan0505

    how do u do this i can make more than a 1000 on a player

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