25 thoughts on “Fifa12 Ultimate Team- Trading To Manchester United- Episode 25 (HD)

  1. ididyoumum

    why no nani LW much beter than young

  2. DaltonsFUT

    What is the song in your intro called?!

  3. Cal bob

    Boom, the man the myth the LEGEND Liam sent me here himself, VIP treatment broo

  4. emre86252

    Can you please buy players every 3 episodes because it takes long for you to buy a player

  5. iBravoTeen

    5:22 are you farting ?
    haha cheers for shoutout <3

  6. TheFifaHDWorld

    i know few people have said that but i don’t like nani on this game i defo getting the 87 nani for the subs

  7. TheFifaHDWorld

    nope getting one after my holiday


    ur beast at vids but man u r shite lol

  9. Sackboy612

    how can you record vids in the web app? what software do you need?

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