25 thoughts on “MANCHESTER UNITED TOP 10 TEAMPLAY GOALS 2013/14 (HD)

  1. Wes Brown

    Haha we’ve already scored better goals in pre-season!

  2. Dean SLM

    i dont get it , team play goals yet some of these have basically no team
    play in them? or am i misunderstanding this , well made video again though,
    good stuff

  3. Amit Gohel

    hopefully we get to see more of this next year in the van gaal era!

  4. maniacsurfer004

    Very good editing. I like it when compilations include commentaries.

  5. Felix Payne

    I think we could challenge for the title this season

  6. Sai Ashwin

    Most of them aren’t even actual team play goals

  7. YUILoverMSS

    Hello, can I know what track are you using? 🙂 Thanks!

  8. TheFifaRedz

    How do u make that effect in Sony Vegas i mean the kind of shading effect?

  9. Raphael Machado

    nice video , nice song , keane is a amazing band 

  10. PrimeeProductions

    Cleverley can pass forwards, that pass to RVP fair play.

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