25 thoughts on “Shinji Kagawa New Manchester United sign in 2012

  1. paul7375

    nobody had ever heard of kagawa in england,after watchin this i think he will be transfer of the season…….alex fergusons a genius,a proven talent for less than 20m…..i think the prem trophy will be returned to its rightfull home at the end of this season OLD TRAFFORD

  2. wannarealrock

    진짜 잘한다.. 같은 아시아인으로서 자랑스럽다. very good player. proud of asia. good luck to your next season.

  3. safet3zzz3hahaha3

    Kagawa Can I fuck you girlfriend***** pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeee 😀 😀 😀

  4. deathaboveglory

    I press the subscribe button but i didnt receive my bacon >:C something is wrong with your machine 🙁 (unsubscribed)

  5. phil84mufc

    @shahid7971 You know nothing about Manchester United and how they issue shirt numbers.

  6. QUENCHO100

    man utd need a creative player who can control the midfield………..and kagawa is definetly a dumb buy……..

  7. QUENCHO100

    am i the only one whos  feeling sorry for the goalkeeper at 1:14

  8. manuelfbaby

    give give him 2 yrs he would win the ballon’ d’or winner

  9. bolaji odude

    in that case yes…people say we should get clyne and put him in the first team

  10. PandaGeneral555

    I sort of agree with you, but there’s nothing wrong with competition. Clyne is out of contract, and all we will have to do is pay a small tribunal fee, his wages won’t be a lot. He’ll also help out in the homegrown rule, not to mention keep Rafael on his toes. And he can also play when Rafael gets injured, which happens a lot. Let’s see what happens next season, but it’s already exciting!

  11. PandaGeneral555

    Completely Agree with you on that point. Midfield will make a difference for us in the CL.

  12. bolaji odude

    in my opinion…i feel we need improvement in midfield more…that had been our downfall. we usually get dominated in midfield..if we can dominate the midfield, we would win more games

  13. bolaji odude

    we dont need a right back, we have rafael.

  14. bolaji odude

    he asked for it….they were going to give him the number 7 but he rejected it

  15. zakarmannjaden

    we have hit the jackpot with this guy now just baines maybe axel witsel or gaitan and were redy for maybe the champions league

  16. TsurugiMatsuda

    His successors at Athletico (most likely Asenjo, since first choice keeper Courtois would not be eligible) would prefer to take some pointers from him regarding how to fluff Chelsea attacks in the UEFA Super Cup between Athletico (Europa League Winners) and Chelsea (Champions League Winners). Greek keeper Courtois would be ruled out of that match since he is loaned from Chelsea under loan regulations which bars him from facing his former club.

  17. TsurugiMatsuda

    If you say De Gea was a flop, how can you explain the UEFA Europa League Winner’s Medal around his neck back in 2010 while he was an Athletico Madrid player? He started and finished the match as winners. DO NOT FORGET he already has won 3 trophies for his previous teams (including the Spain U21 Young La Rojas where he is first choice keeper, Iker Casillas is the first choice for the senior team.), and is FC again for Spanish Olympic Team for Men’s Football.

  18. TsurugiMatsuda

    Some information: No. 26 was the first jersey number Kagawa wore at Cerezo Osaka in J-League 2 2007 season when he broke his scoring account (he was previously assigned 29 in 2006 but didn’t make any appearances before the club was relegated). Halfway through 2009 season his number was changed to No. 8 before his move to Dortmund. My guess was his choice for No. 26 reflects the same thing about the number he wore back at Osaka, which should explains his decision to reject the No. 7.

  19. xZIDirt3

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  20. shahid7971

    He deserve the number 7 better then valencia. A good player like that got the number 26 -.-

  21. proudclod77

    Furthermore, De Gea is a great shot stopper. Its his decisions and weak body strength that are his main weaknesses. Its always a gamble as to whether he will actually improve in those areas.

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