25 thoughts on “Shinji Kagawa – Welcome To Manchester United

  1. cesk15fcb


  2. Supermasivmoves

    diggausosna or what the fuck is your name… YES THE GREATEST CLUB IN THE WORLD! MAN UNITED <3 😀

  3. epos6579

    He is gonna skore with nick and rooney

  4. jojomanzaz

    Now our team have The Samurai Devil

  5. jojomanzaz

    Now our team have The Samurai Devill

  6. DiggaausOsna

    What ? hahahahahahahahaahahahahaha



  8. Axhol3Rose

    23 years old, we bought him at his prime. He is going to give us his best years.

  9. Smithterable

    We might be getting another from brazil

  10. cameron balmer

    Jesus christ, stop saying ” we need one more midfielderm striker, defender” etc, we need nothing else, besides were only getting one or 2 more players says fergie, so wise up and be happy with th team, dont forget vidic is back, what more could you want?

  11. axas17

    Welcome to United Shinji! Let’s hope you can convert your Bundesliga form to the PL!

  12. TheSpiritOf68

    In 1989, Manchester United played a friendly match in Kobe, Japan.
    In 1989, Shinji Kagawa was born in Kobe, Japan.

  13. allenmanunited

    We need one more midfeilder and striker and defender

  14. Fishcustard1997

    This guy is something else!! (EPIC) is just what united need know that Parks gone to qpr 🙁

  15. ollipolli11

    Kagawa best player of the world. Heja BVB !!

  16. nikoolific

    26 Kagawa!
    7 Valencia… GGMU
    Track name?

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