22 thoughts on “Shinji KAGAWA FIRST AMAZING TOUCHES ! AmaZulu vs Manchester United 0-1 Highlights”

  1. japan 2-1 mexico

    mexican ♯8 is shit. he’s full of malicia.

    mexico will humiliate football in a motherland of football.

  2. Next Time…. Honda….baby…Honda will be there only NEXT time after KAGAWA!!! Dude get a grip!

  3. I think Honda is the best in Asia. Kagawa is beginning to start his new big challenge.
    Next time, Honda’ turn.

  4. I’m Japanese, I like mexican food ,people and soccer. I think Japan has lots of things to learn from Mexico in soccer. but I don’t agree with you about comparison to Ji Sun Park. Basically they are different roles for the team. And through only 4 miutes play nobody would be able to judge something.

  5. i’m mexican,but in my opinion,ji sun park was better than kagawa,weel tomorrow saturday the sub 23 of mexico battles with japan,this will be a good match

  6. kagawa and honda!!! japan have started a new revolution… hope kagawa has an amazing career at man utd!!!

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