8 Replies to “AmaZulu FC vs Manchester United (1-0) Goals & Highlights Shinji Kagawa Debut

  1. Petrucci and Tunnicliffe look half decent from the little clips shown of them here.
    What do you guys think of scorer, Kiko Macheda?

  2. you asshole, necesitas enterarte mas de los numeros del chicharito en el Man U, y no remitirte a hablar de alguien que le pone un poco de técnica a su lentitud de juego, aparte de la apatía del mismo, por que crees que se va?….

  3. very different players. berbatov is a class player, but he slows down the pace of the game a lot, which doesn’t work with united’s style of play. hernandez fits the role though. he scored about 20 goals in his first season at united. you can say the same for berbatov

  4. as will permit the withdrawal of MANU berbatov, which must go chicharito is the shit that does nothing, I think we all know that berbatov is better than chicharito

  5. como van a permitir que se retire berbatov del MANU, el que debe irse es la mierda del chicharito que no hace nada, creo que todos sabemos que berbatov es mejor que el chicharito no

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