25 Replies to “AmaZulu vs Manchester United 0-1 All Highlights 18/07/2012 Federico Macheda

  1. 1-0 aint too good against a side like that even if it is first pre-season, would like to see macheda perform but id say it will be his last season at MU

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  3. rooney- second most goals in the EPL!? and the others role arent scoring! Im on about talent and they are a step above. I dont understand football haha based on a sentance lol shut up.. and berba is not fast nor works for the team and u cant disagree. I live in england and watch the matches so dont need the media to make my opinion, unlike you im guessing!..

  4. You know in how many games the players you speak of don’t score? To be honest, you don’t really understand football, and to say that Berbatov is lazy and slow, it just shows how little you know. You know as much as the media tells you.

  5. united were playing there B-Team, im a liverpool fan mate, and i have to say even though i did not watch the game, im not going to say united should of beat them like 5-0 when they played there “average” team

  6. Berbatov has good games but as a whole is lazy and very slow. When the likes of rooney, valencia, young and nani are playing you can tell he is the weak link. he looked good as he was one of the only players with some experience but he still didnt score…

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