23 Replies to “Antonio Valencia – The Red Arrow – 2012 – HD

  1. There were ton of oppurtunities in this video where he could keep on running forward to goal instead of passing. In my opinion hes way to humble to play in Man U. He lacks aggression and a bit of arrogance.

  2. Vamos Toño!!! mirale con el rabo del ojo para donde corre el Rooney y hazle un pase propio. I always watched football but never became a football team fan in Ecuador, I think its about time from now on I’ll wear MU number 7, no matter who’ll wear it.

  3. Antonio Valencia is gonna have a great 2012-2013 season if he’s not injured. He helps defending , has a great teamwork-attitude, he can dribble past defenders and is intelligent in his play. Very underrated player!

  4. nope hes not better than ronaldo, but if you think ribery is better than va7encia then youre one of the people who dont actually watch united, whats next rooneys a lazy player?

  5. Valencia is better than Ribery…he has more consistency and is unselfish…not to mention a great attitude towards the game. He also tracks back to help out with defense. I will say Ribery is technically skilled and is better at set pieces though. Valencia can’t really take free kicks, so I’d like to see him add that to his repertoire. And I don’t think anyone is under the impression that he is better than CR7

  6. Ribery is good, I’ll give you that..and is better at taking set pieces but he is too inconsistent…he goes missing when you need him most..not to mention the attitude problem he has that seems to be indicative of French players these days AND he doesn’t really have a defensive side to his game

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