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  1. I agree, Carrick isnt the best but it would be unrealistic for us to buy 2 CMs and play them both. Fergie likes Carrick and he will be in or first team next season for sure, it’s just a case of who partners him. Will Scholes stay another year? Will ANderson be given another chance? Will Fletcher return? WIll we sign someone new? Who knows..

    Erikson is a good shout but he’s so young and inexperienced, not sure he’d be ready to step straight in

  2. To be honest, I don’t like Carrick in the middle. I don’t think he’s very good at all, he’s very overrated to me. I’d like to see Erikson or Sneijder, Erikson is more likely. I wish Fergie would do something about the abundance of wingers we have. Valencia, Young, Nani, Giggs and Park are a few too many.

  3. Well if we’re ever going to catch Real, barca, Bayern etc. surely we need somone world class?

    I mean, if this kid isnt even as good as a 38 year old Scholes, and hes costing £25mil plus players, then why bother signing him at all?

    Martinez is who Im hoping we sign. But hey, Fergie knows best and whoever he decides to buy, Ill back him as long as he wears the red shirt!

  4. I didn’t say he was a Scholes or a Xavi, I said he was better than average. I think he’s a good one, not elite like Scholes in his prime or even as good as Scholes now, but still good.

  5. On the basis of what exactly?

    By passing, Im talking about Scholes/Xavi like passing. Short, long, through balls, simple sideway passes ie.. a full range of passing. Someone who can dictate the tempo of the game just throuh their passing.

    Young simply doesnt have the vision or footballing brain to be able to this. His best qualities are his crossing and his speed

  6. Young in CM would be a disaster because he can’t defend, passing is average and he simply hasnt ever played CM in a 442. Hes played as a second striker before but CM is a totally different position.

    We need a new CM, we cant keep relying on Scholes, hes 38 !

  7. There’s so much wrong in this video. “It appears Blackburn Rovers will be relegated next season” a) you mean “this season” b) there’s still a good chance they won’t be relegated.

    “De Gea proved he was very talented at the beginning of the season”. De Gea was positively awful during the first half of the season and was universally mocked and derided.

    How hard can it be for TYT to find someone who has a clue about about football?

  8. Did you seriously call me a douchebag because I did not appropriately mention that, despite the fact that Bayern has won 8 of the last 12 Bundesliga championship, other teams have won it? That got you so angry you resorted to using the word douchebag? I must be on the internet.

  9. Germany has had many different league winners in the past few seasons douschebag, try to research the ignorance you post at the very least. idiot…

  10. Silva’s gone buddy, Silva did nothing at Emirates where as Valencia scored and assisted there. RVP yeah, Rooney as well, but Antonio Valencia’s 15 assists since november, constant defending, and as you can see important goals, should show why people are saying he should be MVP of the EPL season.

  11. Cause he’s so tiny? Yeah, I know, but I wanted him to be the CAM and facilitate and create for Rooney and Hernandez with Valencia.

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