25 Replies to “City Academy v United Academy HIGHLIGHTS from the Manchester derby

  1. no no no i mean most of the people watching this vid are english and actually you didnt create football i forget who did but the americans didnt no way because no offense but you are a dissapointing side in international tournaments so no you created NFL but not football

  2. but football is played in the nfl, this dude is soccer ball, anyway i should know cause i’m from the place that invented soccer ball, the united states of america, go team!

  3. hey u know when i think of soccer ball teams i think of the mighty manchester united soccer ball team! i’m a chilled out dude, and i love just kicking back with a budweiser chilling watching soccer ball teams. i’m gonna buy a manchester jersey fo sure!

  4. um just for you to use in the future never ever say soccer ball team coz it makes you look like a complete idiot that doesnt kno football . but i appreciate ur passion for united

  5. hey guys! wassup! i’m from america and i’m a fan of the manchester united soccer ball team. my favourite player has got to be wayne rooney, the way he shoots that soccer ball into the goal to score really gets my juices flowing, oh and i love ur arena too

  6. Alright our kid, we’ll leave it there,bit of harmless banter like the old days eh ?, City are back in the big time, no denying,shame it won’t be like the last time,when both clubs were at the top of their game,floodlit derbies at Maine Rd,cat & mouse on the Kippax car park ha ha,jib on the #53 and home, happy days .

  7. united’s squad is hugely deep. thing is, they only have 1 or 2 world class players, with an ageing midfield.
    anyway, city definitely have potential to be the best club in the world.

  8. We don’t have 15 world class players, we have maybe 4 or 5 (Hart, Kompany, Yaya, Silva, Aguero) then a strong supporting cast. Our squad depth is overstated, what happened during Balotelli’s 4-match suspension? We couldn’t even list a striker on the bench because we had none. If Johnson gets injured, we have no real wingers. When Kompany got suspended with Kolo away, we had green boy Savic as our only option. Our squad is no deeper than United, Chelsea, and Spurs’ really.

  9. valid point. but can mancini satisfy 15 or so world class players constantly? perhaps chelsea would have continued their dominance, but i think ballack was succesful with chelsea.

    man united are struggling at the moment. not much flair, not many players with the creativity required, but, with a few good transfers, we can make our way back to the top.

  10. Keep believing that. There is one major fundamental difference between City and Chelsea, and that is our owner does not intrude and influence transfers and daily goings-on, hence Mancini has bought the players HE wants and not had Shevchenkos, Ballacks, and Torres’ forced on him. If Roman hadn’t kneejerk sacked Mourinho they’d have dominated the league until now.

  11. @KippaXicity
    United for sure. United are going through a rough patch at the moment, however, they’ll recover. City’s gonna mirror Chelsea’s initial success. 1 impressive season, then seasons thereafter they’ll still be contenders, but united will one up them.

  12. Yes the NextGen went bad but we had a younger side out than those in our group, even a couple of 15 year olds in a competition with numerous 18 year olds. There is no such thing as priorities at youth and reserve level, every opportunity is important to the kids and the 4-2 was still impressive because this City team had never played together most of the season while United’s are together week in, week out. Your current under-18 batch a disaster, 3rd from bottom in Group C.

  13. The Manchester Senior cup is way down the priorities of either clubs,What about City’s EDS squad Next GenSeries ? City lost every game,not a great advert for a massive club.

  14. Of course it isn’t because City AREN’T IN THAT LEAGUE! They pulled out and followed the Spurs model of sending many out on loan across England and Europe like Guidetti, Razak, Nimely, McGivern, Cunningham, and Abu. This makes City’s rag-tag reserve team beating United 4-2 in the Senior Cup even funnier when this thrown together team of youth and the less talented older kids not out on loan beat the table-topping United reserve team who play together every week.

  15. Are you sure about that? Look at the league table and also… 6-1. Who do you think is going to be more powerful in the next 10 years?

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