25 Replies to “Cristiano Ronaldo vs Manchester United – Best Moments | 5.3.2013

  1. Sin duda el mejor jugador del mundo y luego dicen que no es humilde marca gol y no lo celebra por respeto a su ex-equipo asco de prensa

  2. nice video and respect for one of the greatest player cr7!!
    hala madrid!

  3. Aquel que es fan de Cristiano Ronaldo se encontro con tristes emciones al ver que Manchester United quedo descalificado por su propio hijo!

  4. Il a ete enorme , la vidoe est bien , abonne toi a ma chaine pleaze

  5. i dont think he was nervous it was emotions i think the occasion already had its effect on him but the ovation might have done it for him thats what i think

  6. There was no best moments in this match for him only sad moments 🙁

  7. Oh I have watched this video over a hundred times launch I found out thank its Awesom.

  8. The hand on heart at the beginning when everyone cheers when his names called out, gets to me all the time!!!! You can tell in the whole game he was emotional and over whelmed!!! 🙁

  9. Inevitably be the best I thank you, Your section Thank you very much

  10. I liked the video even before i watched it. Great stuff. I also love that song too.

  11. Great video , ur great , I love this player best in the world he dont need some stupid golden ball beacuse he and his fans know he is the best HALA MADRID HALA RONALDO!!!

  12. No On A Interview If have said : I Didn’t Celebrate My Goals But I Was Very Happy ! ;D

  13. Fabulous Just Awesome Bro !!! 😉 One Of The Best Editor I <3 Your CC's & Your Style

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