22 Replies to “Dimitar Berbatov 50 goals – Manchester United

  1. SAF went for giving yongsters a chance in the likes of tom celverly and danny welbeck. but it cost him the premierleague. i mean we lost on goal difference as a result of him going for welbeck rather than berba. berba has a style the manager is not a fan off but he will score and get the tally up we badly needed last season. The midfield wasnt great as well but we cant be that bad coz we finished level on points. But its about utuilising young players properly and balancing the team

  2. Totally agree, and I hate the stupid statement that he is lazy. The way united play, fast pace and counter attack, doesn’t always work. Hold up play and passing like Barcelona, or dare i say it like arsenal, will had variety and end the monotonous way united play. This is one thing that I despised fergie for and him not playing berba cost united the prem this 11/12 season.

  3. Nice video berbatov is a world class player! but this sentence is quite hilarious, “ IT IS THE PROPERTY OF MANCHESTER UNITED FC(UK)” if you know what i mean. HAHAHA

  4. Sir Alex, i respect you but i feel like smacking ur face for not using Berbatov. He’s a gifted player. A brilliant player. I did not understand why you stop using him. Its fucked up when the game needs speed always but hey, he can destroy you with those passes and cool finishes.

  5. Clam the F**k down!!!! It is true though Welbeck scored 10 goals in 38 games for united that is a huge waste. Berbatov scored 7 goals in 12 games so there

  6. Fuck off you dickhead blame the defense for the 6-1 defeat to city an 4-4 draw at Everton, Welbeck shouldn’t take any blame an your the first to have done so you probably didn’t even watch him this season.

  7. Man Gonna miss him with his lazy style and killer instinct……… he won the trophy for Man Utd last season and Welbeck lost it for them this Season.

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