25 Replies to “Eric Cantona’s 82 Manchester United Goals 1992/1997 | QuickfireGoals Episode #15

  1. Maybe i don’t know much cause i never saw him playing as i started following FOOTBALL from FIFA WC 2002.
    But still i thought he was more like a FORWARD and not a CAM.

  2. Did anyone notice that around 90% of the goals were scored in the red United-shirt?
    And that Man City must really hate him, due to the load of goals he scored against them..

  3. A rare breed of Frenchman. Brave, Courageous and a unique individual. Had he been born 50 years earlier, he would have led a resistance cell and spat upon the Vichy France.
    For Sale: French Rifle. Never Fired;Dropped Once.

  4. kicking someone who kept screaming abuse towards Cantona about his mother is fine in my opinion, I would’ve gone further tbh… ALL HAIL THE KING!

  5. Think about all the quality around him. Keano, Giggs, Beckham, scholes etc. just almost hard to believe all these players Man Utd had.

  6. Its strange Balotellis attitude reminds me of Cantona I see so many similarities goal 55 he hears the oppostion fans taunts them Giggs pushes him back to play its exactly what milner did to balotelli at Chelsea, the way he skillfully takes the ball on the outside of the boot to tee up a shot.Goal 70 Balo scored a goal just like that and taunted the opposition fans in exactly the same way will not leave giggs pulls him away. Goal 78 Balotelli scored the same way for inter.Both Cool penalty takers

  7. Manchester United seem to specialize in turning out attacking midfield players who score a lot of penalties and tap-ins. Few moments of real genius here. Great heading ability.

  8. Yea he almost killed him, imagine if he had hit him with the studs on his chest, he threw him self with both of his legs at and the guy was lucky that he didn’t hit him on his chest, because if he did, he would be sent to hospital right away.

    I have never, ever, seen such a thing as a football fan that a player attacks someone from the stands like that. Its disgusting.

  9. Lol, he almost killed him. He kicked him with the studs in the arm, while the bloke was wearing 2 sets of close. Yeah…im suprised the fan managed to live to tell the tale. Fucking idiot. You got a bug up yo ass nigguh

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