25 Replies to “FIFA 11 Game of the Week | Manchester United vs Manchester City

  1. Yeah, exactly you DUMB fuck, lol..You we’re 8 points behind after spending 1 BILLION! And no…that’s NOATHING to be proud of, what will happen with city is…That little cunt in charge..will see that city cant will the league every year, but that’s what he wants..he’ll see he’s pumping money into a club, that arent giving him what he wants…then he’ll sell city,..you’ll be in debt with wages and funds…then Bye Bye City LMAO

  2. Well, your happy enough to come behind “Woman united” every other year, so shut up idiot. How far we’re behind in january? 9 points, then 3 months later we’re 8 points ahead and we spent 5 0Million, you spent 1 billion, see the diffrence? So what if you we’re unbeaten at home? And btw, you werent, that was only in the premier league. 1 billion and gone from the champions league, horrible shitty club.

  3. We won it because we trashed woman united 1-6,because we were unbeaten at home and because we managed to win games although we were 8 points behind.If thats nothing to be proud of then this discussion is over.

  4. 1-6, cool take it, enjoy it, do u honestly tink u’ll win the lge? hahahah. i’ll tell u why they wont, 1) havent got the experience on how to stay on top, 2) theres 7 monts left, ur only 5 points ahead, u lose we win were on top. 3) u wont be able to handle champions lge and prem lge football at the same time. so u can have ur 6-1 we’ll take a 20th lge title…..”mate” P.S if ur a chelsea or liverpool fan, we’ll then ur just sad.

  5. just remind me again who’s top of the league….”i said we are top of the league, say we are top of the league” – Manchester City for life!

  6. Roberto Mancini was asked “U buying more players?” he answered “yes, a couple more” , then he was asked again “how far u reckon ull be from a P.League winning team?” he answered “5 miles” (the joke is that Old Trafford is 5 Miles away from Etihad Stadium…)

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