23 Replies to “Giggs goal & Manchester United 2-1 Arsenal – FA Cup semi final replay 1999 | FATV

  1. Gary Bloom was the best commentator IMO. He called matches brilliantly. You didn’t even have to be in the same room to know what was going on.

  2. WOW U HAVE 9 SUBS, congrats i dont even make videos, and i wont be mean to u since ur only 6 but dont say giggs is crap little guy when u dont even know how much he has accomplished and won

  3. I really feel bad for Bergkamp as a top class player. With his magic, he could have won a world cup or an euro cup but the reality is cruel.

  4. HAHAHAHA dont make me laugh, i looked at ur channel and could not stop laughing, ur 6 and u review toys, u werent even born when this happened LOLOLLOL

  5. True dat…well said!! So much nostalgia running thru me seeing legends like Dennis Bergkamp, Peter Schemichel & Nicholas Anelka spearheading Arsenal in those days… I remember fighting with friends at school over our favourite clubs – Arsenal, Liverpool and MU. There was so much class when these teams clashed. Dont really follow much football nowadays.

  6. These were the days. When Arsene Wenger arrived on the scene and gave us an opponent worthy of the title! Arsenal played, still play some beautiful football. I miss the rivalry between us, but at least I can sit back and watch them play now without hating them. Fuck City and fuck Chelsea. The only teams worthy of being our rivals are Arsenal and Liverpool.

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