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  1. Dutch football expert Peter McVitie thinks Louis van Gaal WOULD have the
    guts to tell Wayne Rooney where to go should our favourite scouser decide
    he’s not happy with the Dutchman’s team selections – should he get the
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  2. Van Gaal Only Plays 4-3-3
    So our team next year may look like
    Rafael Jones Hummels Shaw
    Fabregas Kroos Strootman
    Januzaj/Mata RVP Reus

    obviously getting all the signings is unrealistic but still possible! which
    means Rooney will probably leave so will kagawa :(, Then deadweight like
    young,cleverley,nani,evra,rio, maybe fletcher and hernandez may be looking
    to leave as we now have james wilson to fight for a 1st team spot. Of
    course Van Gaal may try something new or change players to play where he
    wants which is the best thing about him and getting new players in so who
    knows but our first team next year is going to be VERY different

  3. Anyone who wants Giggs to be the manager right now is a complete idiot we
    don’t need to take a gamble now we need to play it safe … ffs remember
    Moyes yes that just happened.

  4. I prefer giggs. LVG seems like he’s too dogmatic and will alienate the
    squad playing a system and style that doesn’t suit us. Giggs is a
    continuation of Fergie. – He is the natural successor.

  5. Rooney is not the player we need to worry about. RVP had a really poor run
    of form before he got injured imo. Moyes should have benched him but didn’t
    have the balls to. If LvG really has balls like this guy says, he will
    bench his compatriot when he sucks. Rooney is the only player on the squad
    that was consistently good and wasn’t a puss like some of our other players
    who can only play one very specific position.

  6. i dont care as much as before if wayner rooney leaves… we have mata and
    kagawa that could take his place perfectly! i know he is a fantastic player
    and i would really want him to stay, but if he leaves i wouldnt be bothered
    that much because we have other world class players in that number 10 role!
    having that said, im really worried about that van gaal treat all players
    like equal and there is no superstar. in my opinion, i can already see him
    comparing cleverly and carvalho or any new good signing and starting bad
    players when they dont have to start. because technically in his mind if
    everybody is equal then theyre all good, which would mean he would start
    cleverly, young, etc in big games like city or chelsea. instead of getting
    rid of them. thats the only thing that worries me, apart from that he looks
    like a really solid manager, and make players respect him and take the job
    seriously unlike moyes.

  7. this season has been enough i dont give a fuck who our manager is any more.
    im becoming a city fan great club with soo much money i almost guaranteed
    to see them win something in the next 5 yars were as unuted will continue
    to be shit i ried supporting them saw them lift the barclays league last
    year that was when i stopped supporting chelsea my hometown but now i feel
    city is the right club for me. You guys should join me :)

  8. Once Van Gaal comes he will drop one big player who will it be we don’t
    If van gaal plays 4-3-3 it should look like this
    D De gea
    Rafa Evans Jones Shaw/Kolasinic
    Mata Kagawa
    Zaha Januzaj


  9. “Dominate every single game” thats the kind of attitude you want. Sorry
    Adam but I would be so happy if Van Gaal comes in and gets rid of Rooney!!
    Blue mercenary scum.

  10. United employing an arrogant, egomaniac, ungracious twat, remind you of
    anyone? At least with those qualities he will fit in well at Old Trafford..

  11. United have Petrucci, Wilson, The Keane Bros., Januzaj, Lingard, Pereira,
    Powell and Henriquez. Plenty if young talent coming through.

  12. I disagree with him about United’s youth system. We have some really
    talented youngsters, with the likes of Andreas Pereira, Jesse Lingard, Ben
    Person, Nick Powell and the very impressive James Wilson who I think van
    gaal would absolutely love as he is so similar to van persie, but faster.

  13. I am growing more and more unsure about van gaal. And more and more
    convinced by simeone, Sir alex split rangers and celtic when he was with
    aberdeen and he won europe. Simeone has split madrid and barca and has a
    massive chance of winning europe. Its almost written in the stars. But im
    80% sure van gaal will be the next manager.

  14. quite clear van gaal is the short term option i don’t think a foriegn
    manager would stay longer than 5 years in the uk, especially when united
    have renowned themselves for continuity in british managers, so naturally
    giggs or a member of the 92′ would be in the shadows to take the reigns.
    good contingency plan after MoyesGate. united fans im sure are looking
    forward to the transfer window now.

  15. unhappy if we’re going to ignore diego simeone for van gaal, should’ve got
    diego last season instead of moyes and once again this season we’re going
    to ignore him again, shows how out of touch the people that make the
    decisions at club are.

  16. Fellaini is a great player, we just have a shit load of plastic fans that
    blame him for our problems. We don’t even need a major overhaul of players
    just 2/3 big name players and 1/2 players for the future

  17. LVG coming in will split Man Utd. He is the kind of guy who is extremely
    smart. Wants everything to be done his way. Gets rid of anybody who refuse
    to follow him. Does not compromise. Does not explain himself because he
    believes nobody has the ability to comprehend him.

    SAF is still a director in the club. If LVG decides to change everything
    SAF build up, potential conflict between LVG and SAF+ SAF’s ppl is very

    LVG coming in will either be freaking awesome or a huge disaster.

  18. Hope he comes and gets rid of the 300k over paid Shrek. Rather see chic and
    rvp play with Kagawa mata and Januzaj behind. Spend the extra wage bill on
    2 world class CMs and a CB.

  19. Please stay with Giggs, at least don’t make a deal with Van Gaal before we
    have seen what Giggs can do in the remaining games

  20. We should sell Rooney so Mata can operate without fatboy being picked ahead
    of him. Mata & Kagawa are better number 10’s! Besides i’m sick of Rooney
    holding the club to ransom and thinking he’s bigger than the club.

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