10 Replies to “Lucas Moura to Manchester United?

  1. JAJAJAJAJAJAJA BLAH BLAH BLAH. Belgian and french newspapers said united offered more wages and they could afford him just like how they could afford shreks wages. If he wanted more money he could have easily go to man shitty but he choose chelsea because at chelsea they need starting 11 player and he can start every week. Old man fergi saying hazard dont cost 32 million yet men united offered the same. Just shows even their manager is jealous haha.

  2. they not offered the same…chelsea paid him 170000 a week…united offered him lower than that…if united offer him 200000 a week..im really sure he choose united but ferguson will not offer him over 100000 a week..that ridicoulous..chelsea also paid 6m to his agent…united maybe offer the same 32m to lille but they will not paid 6m to his agent and 170000 a week…i thing everyone know that…hazard go to chelsea because they offer the big money…

  3. Men United could afford Hazard but he choose Chelsea cuz he will start every week. Funny Men united fans and their ugly ass manager crying because he didnt want to go to them. First he says hazard is over paid when they also offered the same

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