25 Replies to “Lucas Moura Welcome To Manchester United 2012 HD

  1. Fuck this dude’s brilliant. what a signing he’ll be for united. shit. he seems to have more control over his feet then even christiano ronaldo. and this coming for a liverpool fan.

  2. @DontDropDoritos actually he plays on the wing a lot for San Paolo but you think u know everything about him solely on the fact that he plays CAM on FIFA? Hmmm…

  3. i agree with you, but back in the time.. even c.ronaldo didn’t have an end product!!!! he may be the next legend we are searching for!

  4. I agree that United need a CM.
    However, if this deal is real, that is a fantastic deal. He has no end product like you say, but so did Ronaldo (for like 2-3 years) before he learnt enough at United. Like people say, United don’t really buy star player, but to help making star player. Thumb up if you agree!!!

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