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  1. are you stupid. every goal counts. but why did u say that hazard had only 20 goals and 10 on penelty ? eriksen is going to be a very good player why not buy him. 15-20 million.

  2. Lucas is 19 years of age, you wanna know Ronaldo’s stats at 19? In 04/05 Cristiano Ronaldo played 44 games, scored 9 goals and got 6 assists, and you can check yourself, I have the season dvd at home mate. On top of that TECHNICALLY lucas was 1 goal off hazzard who got 10 discounting the penalties.

  3. Andy Burton said that he’s spoke to United people and they’re still confident of doing the deal and are still negotiating………..

  4. Sir Alex Ferguson confirms Manchester United are interested in Brazil international Lucas Moura, but denies that a deal has been agreed. The 19-year-old plays for Sao Paulo in Brazil.

    “We’re not lying on our backsides doing nothing,” says Ferguson. “We’re trying hard to bring other players to the club.”

  5. Manager Sir Alex Ferguson has been speaking at a press conference in China and said: “We haven’t reached an agreement for the player. We’ve shown an interest but until such time a we get a deal agreed we can’t say he’s our player.”

  6. *palmface* 27 million got rejected why would they accept 26 million. its fake bro 100% and u know what if u dont trust me 1 hour ago the news came out that the president of sau paulo says its TOTALLY FUCKIN WRONG FAKE AND GAY

  7. They rejected the bid coz they’re bastards, he’s also being a cunt and demanding 110,000 per week, they want no less than 38 million euros (30 mil) for him -___-

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