24 Replies to “Manchester United Christmas challenges: Carrick, Evans and Fabio

  1. “What about that, Jonny Evans!”
    “What about that, Michael Carrick!”
    “What about that, Fabiooo!”
    And it goes over and over and over…


    this story that the American people never liked soccer is a lie. to analysis:
    winter we have hockey, autumn basket, baysebal spring, summer football. dominated everything, as there was no other make money. solve capitalists invest in soccer and break the oligopoly. entrepreneurs began with small teams that was growing. rulers not worried, thought that soccer would never succeed in the United States. only they were mistaken, and today are frightened by the success of soccer.

  3. Even your username insults the deads of Munich! Thats against any human morale man! Now when you father dies, I’ll fuck your mom on his grave and then piss on it! Then I’ll find a username to describe that! Retard!

  4. just to point out, i think saying he wasn’t sent off all season isn’t exactly ACCURATE, and even if I’m wrong, I’m sure all of his horrible injuring fouls deserve for him to be sent off

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