17 Replies to “Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson: I’ve had a word with Ashley Young about diving

  1. oh ok so the queen sits there saying ‘oh well he has made a transfer into the refs account so I cannot knight him’ … what does that have to do with anything?! … All I’m saying is that he is a disgrace to football. SAF: BIGGEST HYPOCRITE!

  2. No I don’t support barca. However if they were to verse manure then I would support them. Oh wait they already did and they ripped u a new one!

  3. Ferguson has never done anything about diving. Remember C Ronaldo? He’s the worst cheater of all-time and he dived every week in a United jersey. What did Ferguson ever do about that?

  4. trust him to know penalty stats about his team. He sits there counting them after he’s made the transfer into the refs account. What a disgraceful team to football!

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