25 Replies to “Shinji Kagawa – Gettin’ BiZZy – Welcome To Manchester United | 2012 HD

  1. *ridiculous* *I’m*. Everyone does on Youtube. It’s not like is never been seen before. What’s the chance? Exactly. It’s a joke. It’s not supposed to be true. 

  2. Not funny. I think it was a very good video, im not a city fan but I think writing a comment like that is just ridicolous. They are rivals but whats the chance? Just stop.

  3. Milan sucks and for a while win nothing in europe because they buy old players that dont stay long. Thy have had no one like kaka in years and thats what they need

  4. yea sure ferguson wanted to buy an aged player like ronaldinho who”s great days are behind….haha united don’t produce legendary footballers?…what about:CRISTIANO RONALDO, BECKHAM, SCHOLES, GIGGS,………………..the list goes on and on….and for christ…when will u understand..in premier league you can’t know the result before the match end….like in italy…

  5. i think u just need to go and find a life u clearly no nothing about football so if i were u id just hush your beak and go and do something with your life.

  6. How is Kagawa a shit signing, seriously? Kids need stop thinking if players aint as good as Messi or Ronaldo they’re not good enough

  7. im talking about how milan make good players and have better players than milan therefore milan have won more tournaments that shity united FACT. Kagawa is a shit signing. okay and why are u even bothering with me if ur a chelsea fan? u weird kid?

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