25 Replies to “Shinji Kagawa – Manchester United’s flagship signing for 2012-13 campaign

  1. can’t understand the meaning of broadcasting such an unlegit rumor. not even a preconceived notion of humor…. this is bullshit.

  2. And this girlfriend stuff is getting way out of hand. Goal.com this was a rumor triggered on some blog and now it has become some kind of general truth.
    Shinji Kagawa is not dating a porn star for Christ’s sake

  3. @CtrlAltxScopex Keep telling yourself that. Hazard knew Chelsea was best for him. You can have Kagawa. Everyone would take Hazard over him in a heartbeat

  4. Haha, no it wasn’t. Just look at the FA Cup final and Champions League final, both times they played 4-2-3-1. Ramires has been playing at RW towards the end of the season.

  5. no. it was
    Ivanovic , Luiz , Terry , Cole
    Lampard , Ramires , Essien
    Mata , Drogba (or Torres) , Sturridge
    Or They will mix up the attack.

  6. The only reason why he went man utd is because he wanted to play in the number 10 role (which is rooney)
    I Dont know why he went chelsea when there formation is 4-3-3, Wheres he gonna plat if torres plays ST , On the wing exactly

  7. 1. United wanted both
    2. Kagawa comes from a harder league
    3. He isn’t an arsehole and doesn’t cost the world
    4. Hazard wanted to be played on the wing, his preferred position, United wanted him down the centre as they already have Young, Nani and Valencia
    5. Chelsea offered massively higher wages
    6. Kagawa has better stats
    7. You’re a dumbass, go support your own club rather than bashing United

  8. The video says it all…he is a merely a ‘Consolation’ after Hazard. ManUre fans can cry and try to lie to themselves all they want. The fact is Hazard > Kagawa

  9. Maybe, depends, either go for two guys who haven’t paired up, ever, see how they do in pre-season or use the chemistry of Welbeck & Rooney that has been established for a good year or two, AF, his club, his choice.

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