23 Replies to “Shinji Kagawa – Manchester United’s Samurai – 2012/13 HD

  1. I wonder why you would like to compare them so much. They are the 2 talents of different type. Also wonder why you need to admire Hazard on the page for Kagawa.

  2. Kagawa and Hazard, both good players, Man U got more value for the money but i still think Hazard’s a bit better. Anyways, Can’t w8 for the PL to start 😀

    CFC <3

  3. If you really think that Kagawa would not have shown any difference playing more than the 4 minutes with the team in that defensive uno zero mood, you would not have to come cry here Kagawa’s page that uglily. It could be even rude to Hazard to comapre with such incapable player. Get home and admire your idol as much as you’d like.

  4. Manchester United: 19x Champions of England, 3x Champions of Europe, Super cup, cup winners cup, club world cup, 11 FA cups, 4 League cups and an Intercontinental cup. Only Liverpool can compare to our success.

  5. yh because we finished 2nd loooool but remember the season before we was top soo yeah you can say what you want bitch because we always challenge thats why pricks like you always hating

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