25 Replies to “SportsStationTv – Chelsea vs Manchester United 3-3 | 05/02/2012 | Rooney Juan Mata Goals

  1. Everyone hates on a ref when he gives penalty’s to united, but how many other bad decisions have other refs made, it’s only because you want to be the best but you can’t. Stop raging at refs and start getting results, basically no one raged at the linesman for the goal against Bolton but if it was against united then everyone would say the ref is on our side so fuck off and start winning you fucking cunts

  2. howard webb , made an early Easter present for united

    not giving an obvious foul against Fernando in the first half , and giving away 2 pens ( 2nd one was really unfair )

  3. Exactly! It’s Just A Stupid Ass Excuse Chelsea Fans Like Giving, They Should Thank God We Ain’t Win There! And That It Ended 3-3

  4. And young didn’t dive forward from having his shirt pulled, on the replay there is some contact, but it was defiantly not a penalty

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