23 Replies to “SportsStationTv – Howard Webb Joins in The Celebrations LOL Chelsea vs Manchester United!

  1. True but they keep scraping out the 1-0 wins and thats all they need, 3 points is 3 points at the end of the day doesn’t matter how many goals you score

  2. @Kruxxy I had it on under my ref top, my manager (fergi) said i had to be less conspicuous… but i was allowed to join in the celebrations.

  3. LOL at all the butthurt fans of other teams other than the great Manchester United, this is clearly photoshopped idiots. Jealous of all our success. Not arrogant, just better!!

  4. i think i speak for all united fans ………. we love the fact pple think we are dirty and scum,………and dont worry we will send u a post card when we lift that gorgeous premier league trophy at the end of the season ………………..we might even give chelsea some of our winnings so they can get zimmar frames for all there players

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