This season has not been less than a disaster for Manchester United. They have been out of top 5 in the League table right from the start of the season and their chances of making it to the Champions League are not very good.

Now, adding insult to injury, the boss David Moyes has made the statement that if the team doesn’t finish in top 4 in the league table in the ongoing season, Wayne Rooney might refuse to renew his contract at Old Trafford.

Now, that’s something which would have left most of the Manchester United fans worried. The last thing that they would want after such a horrifying season is the departure of one of their top players.

Rooney’s desire of leaving United is not new. He was reported to have requested for transfer at the end of the last season, but, Moyes managed to convince him somehow to stay.

But, now, with the Red Devils struggling for even a Champions League place, one should not be surprised if this proves to be Rooney’s last season at Old Trafford.

It is believed that the Manchester United management wants to start the talks of contract renewal with Rooney, but, the star striker doesn’t want so right now.

Rooney probably would like to wait till the end of this season before reaching any conclusion.

There would be plenty of clubs looking to sign Rooney if he decides to make his way away from Old Trafford. He is one of the top strikers going around and he still has plenty of football left in him.

Even at the start of this season, Chelsea FC had placed a bid of about 30 million Pounds for him, but, that had been rejected by Manchester United.