The Football slots game

It is hard to recall what football was like before the modern era, with games being screened live to worldwide audiences and the game having become one of the most popular leisure activities throughout much of the world.

Indeed, such big business is football nowadays that one of the few other leisure industries able to compete with it is the gambling one, so it isn’t surprising that these two activities are frequently combined. This most often means football betting at sportsbook sites, but increasingly online casino sites are producing slots games based around football, to provide fans of football and betting with another option.

One such example would be the Shoot slots game named after the classic football magazine of the same name, and which should have real appeal for any fan interested in the days before the Premier League and wall-to-wall television coverage.

The Shoot slots game found in bellerockentertainment has been given the sub-heading “you are about to return to football’s golden era” and the game offers a fascinating mix of the nostalgic and modern. The Trade’em Up bonus game feature involves pictures of some of the greatest players in history – including Ruud Gullit, Maradona and Pele – which you have to choose four of to either boost your payout or trigger one of the two additional bonus games.

You also get a wild symbol with the classic Shoot logo, and featuring player photos inside a football-pattern frame, but all of this wonderful nostalgia is combined with a cutting edge modern slot. The wild symbol increases your chances of winning a payout, by substituting for other symbols for a winning reel, while the maximum cash jackpot offered with Shoot is a very un-nostalgic $20,000.

The mix of the modern and traditional is probably best exemplified by the Magazine bonus game, which features classic front covers from the old Shoot magazine, alongside the opportunity to win a hidden sum of money. Thus it is hard to see how any genuine lover of football wouldn’t find plenty to enjoy in the Shoot slots game.