24 Replies to “TUNNEL CAM: Man City 1-0 Man United Behind the scenes at the Etihad Stadium

  1. Well, I like that ,,shit”. That ,,shit” is the best team in the best football league in the world. On the other hand your choice of words show your class. You can´t get any lower than that, even though you are obviously eager to give it a try.

  2. @RoytonValeAFC Haha coming from a city fan your fans were crying on the last day when they were losing 2-1 to QPR HAHAHA. Fuckin city scum can’t wait to we beat your ass next season Manchester United is passion and Manchester City is money and you know it.

  3. thats what we mean when we say man united and their fans are scummy and pieces of shit hahaha. by the way…City won the title this year..fuck face

  4. @RoytonValeAFC cant wait for uniteds 20th either. now we get our big boys. and we will actually win by more than gd. u know whats cool. shitty only had a one hit wonder, with probably twice as much money spent. and since when did the pl want a team owned by arabs to win? 6-1 how about 12-1 in the pl!!

  5. Your fellow fans didn’t seem too think it was that funny when they were literally in tears on Sky Sports on the final day of the Season. The entire Premier League wanted us to do it and we did. As you noticed with Sunderland doing the Poznan just to piss you off. United are finished. Can’t WAIT for next season.

  6. Yet ANOTHER deluded United fan lol open your eyes mate. It doesn’t matter how many trophies the scum have won. It is about now…today. City are the best team in England…bought or not…accept the fact that Uniteds glory days have ended. Trust me on that. Next Season, I predict you will finish 3rd.

  7. Please don’t make out that City fans are rough and from Council flats. It doesn’t compare to the total and utter scum that follows last seasons 2nd best.

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