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  1. They did, 10th Feb 2008 in a Manchester Derby on the week of the 50th anniversary. United wore a plain 50’s style shirt, red with white V-neck and cuffs, white shorts and black socks with the red and white hoops on the top numbered 1-11.

  2. That young man was Sir Bobby Charlton. The only Englishman to have League Championship, FA Cup, European Cup and World Cup winners medals and one of Englands greatest footballers.

  3. I was always fond to Machester United but after seeing this trailer and reading the story about the club… hope you, Uniteds, accept me as a new supporter. From Portugal 🙂

  4. The most superb movie iv seen in 5 years. Dougray Scott has Matt Busby nailed. The score is ace. A very emotional film in places and one that leaves you in tears at moments. A great shame this movie never saw general release across the UK. Unfortunatly this country is obessed with the cheesy trash Hollywood is churning out. This is a great movie.

  5. The only reason why I wanted to watch this was for David Tennant. After I watched this movie though I’m glad that the people who survived didn’t give up playing the game he loves.

  6. I was watching this with my family and I tried to keep away the tears in my eyes but in the end I bursted out crying!
    mufc forever -3

  7. im american and i know football talk although i might not always call it that im a true football fan at heart….we all are not naive and stupid about the sport u know

  8. fck man city….they din do shit in winning the league on goal diff. they win with money, we’ve been winning with memory,passion and fucking pride

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