25 thoughts on “Cristiano Ronaldo – I Wish To Return To Manchester United One Day, In The Future You Never Know

  1. edymasta

    Wow, theres actually a couple of man utd fans who dont want him back. Thats
    pathetic. Hes their legend. What shit fans those.

  2. MyNameIsSimple72

    He’s definitely hinting at a comeback…this is like the millionth time
    he’s said this. Can’t wait xD

  3. younes aabb

    i would love to see Cristiano Ronaldo return to Manchester United and
    following by Messi to Manchester city that will be very interesting
    and hilarious too

  4. YounesHH

    Mourinho said the exact same thing about Chelsea. Put a bet on it guys,
    Ronaldo WILL end up back at United. Sooner or later.

  5. Channel Com

    Cristiano will you return one day to Man United?
    in 2010: You Never Know
    in 2011: You Never Know
    in 2012: You Never Know
    in 2013: You Never Know
    in 2014: You Never Know

    and ManU fans still waiting Hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh 

  6. Slawstar .

    come on !!!!! ronaldo plzzz!!!!!!!! come back baby!!

  7. thaGkillah



    omg… such offence, wow, very special, no need for defense!

  8. Mads Lundsgaard

    Come back to United Brother! I’ll come watch every fucking game!!!!!!!!

  9. Martin Carlos

    If madrid doesn’t acomplish anything this season, he’s defintitly returning
    to Old trafford next season. Losing xabi alonso and di maria was not a
    smart move. And signing chicharito ? And a no where to be found james
    rodriguez? Florentino perez only cares about the amount of shirts he sells.
    Last season for Ronaldo at Real madrid. Mark my words.

  10. Patrick Lemke

    I Hope Ronaldo will end his career by ManUtd like drogba in Chelsea..

  11. Sarah Corrie

    i hope he stays. He obviously made the switch for a reason. He is much
    better off with Real Madrid

  12. realremi

    “я уверен что вернусь в манчестер в один прекрасный день в будущем, я в
    этом уверен” — типо того

  13. OfficialMitch

    Right you tell he’s coming back because you can tell he get emotional
    everyone he talks about united, saying that all the time and what other
    players keep taking about a club they was in 5 years ago? He’s coming home
    with his pal di Maria. He wants to retire in the prem anyway.

  14. Michael Showole

    I think he should leave after this season he has nothing to prove in la
    liga anymore so he should come back home and solidify his status as Man Utd
    best player of all time.

  15. Mahen Mane

    It’s like james he retired to cleveland…..
    Ronaldo will return to man united!

  16. Kevin Dump

    madrid are said to have first shot on reus next season so you never know he
    could go back

  17. purecotton

    enough asking him a dumb ass question over and over again. 

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