23 thoughts on “Fifa12 Ultimate Team- Trading To Manchester United- Episode 32 (HD)

  1. TheFifaHDWorld

    Forgot about him yeah i pick him up and thanks 🙂

  2. CTBclan

    hey, are u gonna get macheda too for the squad? good series btw

  3. sohrabjohn

    @TheFifaHDWorld Yeah exactly!! 🙁

  4. TheFifaHDWorld

    They all be in playlist so u can watch them when ur back 😉 😀

  5. sohrabjohn

    i hate it when i have to put up a player for 150 start and i always make a loss 🙁

  6. sohrabjohn

    love the series! 🙂 nice vid! 🙂

  7. Segos888

    Am going on holiday so will miss ur new series


    Just started a giveaway on my channel but was wondering if anyone could make me an intro 🙂

  9. TheFifaHDWorld

    Yeah but i made coins back on selling those bronze players tho 🙂

  10. MegaD3lta

    Yeah, I understand why you put him for 150. It’s extremely annoying when players seem to never!

  11. TheFifaHDWorld

    Yeah mate i know shouldn’t off but after 2 days he was p me off so i just did it, won’t do it again that first time i done it, and thanks 😀

  12. MegaD3lta

    Nice episode dude, but you should never ever put up players, especially informs for a starting price of 150. Anything can happen, you can easily lose A LOT of coins from doing that.

  13. TheFifaHDWorld

    Hahahaha Still Sold him on for 1.5k tho and thanks mate 🙂

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