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  1. Did I ever say that Arsenal has a good starting eleven?Only reason you are successful is thanks to referees, just like Barcelona.Oh, there is no reason no cuss and namecall

  2. YET united are still the most succesful team in ENGLISH FOOTBALL HISTORY! you blind fucking dumbass, in denial – look at your starting 11! seriously its a joke, and ANY REALISTIC arse-anal fan will agree.

  3. You seem to forget, in 1958 United had a whole team wiped out, of course it’ll take time to recover! Win a european tittle, instill fear in other teams THEN talk about united! Arsenal fans = sad sad sad and bitter, trying to cling onto every little bit of hope.

  4. Didn´t I say the same thing?Go look up on Wikipedia if you don´t believe me.United won nothing in the late 60s til the late 70s which is 10 years.Arsenal haven´t won a title for 8 years now, so United have been without a title longer than Arsenal at the moment.

  5. OH i get it no need to elaborate! arse-anal fans are now imagining winning things…sad sad sad – podolski and giroud give people nightmares btw, how to stop them!! ohohohooooo

  6. Ha bitter arsenal scum – talk when you win something! Stop referring to a seasons where 1/3 games was a draw – and you didnt exactly win the league by 15 points! lol…BTW i think you forget united are currently the kings of england.

  7. 49 games yes! BUT 1 in 3 games was a draw, teams werent exactly Barca, real and inter. United won the league by more points in the 2012/13 season just gone, PROOF that the invincibles didnt win a lot, instead they drew a lot LOL. BTW 13×2=26games unbeaten in Europe claiming the champions league at the end of it all, while also winning our domestic league, unlike Liverpool.

  8. Arsenal never had FANs before wenger came a won a few tittles…so all arsenal fans after the arrival of wenger, which constitutes 70% of you are ALL GLORY HUNTERS….oh hang on, your team has to win for the fans to be glory hunters, i should re think that one – PUN intended.

  9. You do know that Utd didn´t win a title for 10 years or more in the late 60s and early 80s

  10. It’s funny how man utd fans are still talking about the other league titles and the treble.

  11. I love football but i would trade in an unbeaten season for the champions league for example ANYDAY!!!! Dont get me wrong it was a good achievement, but IT ISNT FORMALLY recognised. Arsenal went 03/04 unbeaten, yet only won the tittle by 11 pts! united didnt go unbeaten yet won by 13 or 14?….says a lot about how the unbeaten season was made up of DRAWS! 1 in 3 games was a draw. Now going unbeaten and winning 38 games in a sea on IS a PROPER achievement.

  12. It does mean something, if you are English and love football, you here the word ‘The invincibles’. You know what people are talking about. If we did it winning nothing then it wouldn’t mean that much but we won the League, weather it was intended or not.

  13. Why would any team try and go a season unbeaten? Arsenal DIDNT TRY, they didn’t start the season thinking, ok lets go unbeaten – it just happened to “fall that way”…And the reason united will never make it a priority is because IT ACTUALLY MEANS NOTHING.

  14. So you won the premier league, there still no prizes for being unbeaten. And lets look closely at what unbeaten means – basically, a lot of draws – 12/38 games to be exact lol! That means arsenal drew 1/3 games – unbeaten=season of “draws”.

  15. The only thing Arsenal got for winning all their regular league games was the top seed (i.e. easiest draw) in the CL tournament. And even with that top seed (i.e. easiest draw) in the CL tournament, Arsenal STILL couldn’t manage to win the trophy. Hence, they got no prize.

  16. Going unbeaten in the regular league season means exactly NOTHING unless you also go on to win the CL trophy. If you’re still confused, consider this boxing analogy… if a fighter gets knocked out in the 12th round, the fact that he won the first 11 rounds on the scorecards means exactly NOTHING.

  17. No one gives a fuck about going a season unbeaten. Fair Play to Arsenal for doing it to win the league in 2003 , but they throw around as if it means more than it actually does.
    No manager or player gives a fuck about a season unbeaten they just want the trophies, would you rather have gone a season unbeaten or win 4 Charity Shields, 5 League Titles, 3 League Cups, 1 Champions League and 1 FIFA world club cup in the space of 7 years.

    I know which one I’d rather have.

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