23 Replies to “Chelsea 1-1 Manchester United (3-2 agg) – Official goals and highlights | FA Youth Cup

  1. dude, im American too, dont make yourself look dumb. the World Cup is the most watched sports event in the world, BY FAR, the second? UEFA Champions League Final. guess what pal? both football (soccer so you understand me buddy). so just stop talking before you make yourself look really dumb on the internet…again

  2. well,when you consider manutd academy have just returned back from AEGON future cup a day before the 2nd semi final,you gotta take your hat off to them..they show the true spirit and even copied the first team never-say-die attitude..love MUFC..

  3. and they where large pads so when they get hit it doesn’t hurt and btw rugby is England’s version of a contact sport just because football and hand egg i mean american football have similar names doesn’t mean they are the same

  4. This is a youth match you fucking Idiot, therefore there are not going to be as many people in the crowd. Last Saturday night there were almost 90,000 people watching the CL final. The fans here in Europe are dedicated. Come over here and try playing a sport that actually takes some skill. Shut up because you don’t know shit you untalented fat fuck.

  5. there’s some really smart americans, those who invent software and make iphones, and then there’s dumb ones, the kind who dont know that africa is not a country, or that obama is half white half black and not only black……..ooor that “hand” and “foot”, and “ball” and “egg” are not the same

  6. It’s a youth match too…and I don’t really give a fuck about you americans, you guys are too fucked up…yeah you do kick it, once in like 30 mins? football means having the foot with the ball for almost the entire game not once in 30 mins…plus the amount of people doesn’t really matter cuz people are watching the game elsewhere i don’t see people watching American football here though…

  7. My team always has 90,000+, but have had a crowd on 109,000 people once…Fat? Strong and Muscle is more like it, we like to hit and be hit because we’re men…We call it football because we do kick it as well, we also call it football because we can, beacuse we’re Americans and we run the world, so we do what we want.

  8. You probably have like a 1000 but it looks like 10,000 cuz all of them are fat as fuck, can’t you americans have some originality? Football started earlier than American Football and you call your sport Football, seriously? Foot+Ball= Football, Hand+Egg=Fuck off you americans Who the fuck do you think you are? plus you don’t see 78,000 people in the stadium every week in America do you?

  9. we have a special sports for your so called ‘tough guys’,it’s called RUGBY.it’s for real tough guys because rugby players don’t need all those extra paddings like you american pussies wear.shame on you to call americans tough.

  10. Piazon is such class. he will be class in the first team. he can play down the left or right or in the hole, just like mata! he is gonna be like kaka was in 2004-2007 when he is a bit older

  11. Football war banned in several countries on 1300 century for being one of the most brutal sports on that time, people died playing ffotball because they got tackled and stepped on their head. It was almost impossible to walk away from a game of football without an injury. It was first on the late 1700s it became legalized again if it had rules that made players to avoid injuries, Pro football was made in the 1800s

  12. yes but american footballers wear pads 2 protect themselves. When they cum off the pitch they dont have a single scrape on them. Rugby players cum off the pitch with blood pouring out of their noses while normal footballers barely get touched and they start rolling on the ground like a pussy.

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