24 Replies to “David Beckham – all 85 Manchester United goals!

  1. That would be a highlight reel for any other player in the world.
    But that was all his goals.
    Probably about 5 were average or deflections, the rest were magic.
    He certainly doesn’t score bad goals.

  2. The 18 people who dont like this is retarded, how is it possible not to like the best right foot in football history. This was pure magic and a blast to look at again, thanks for the vid @antonalfy

  3. After viewing many Beckham videos on YouTube, I like this 1 the most. Beckham is still the best at what he does – at the very least, his kicks / strikes are more accurate & / or better than the rest!

  4. ehh even beckham knows thats a lie, beckham is far more cool guy cause everyone loves beckham and a top proffesional but in terms of ability you seriously cant say beckham is better than ronaldo

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