25 Replies to “FIFA 14: Manchester United Career Mode – Episode #2 – Making Big Moves!!!!

  1. +AA9skillz how do u expect to sell hernandez and welbeck if you are asking
    for that much money,a bit lower, they wouldve been sold..nOOb

  2. #careermode4life CR7 should not Return. Skillz would be way better at
    coaching than David Moyes lol. RB: Mattia De Sciglio Lukasz Piszczek
    Azpilicueta Carvajal. Get BRUMA 

  3. One momment i dont want to hear you gonna cell ronaldo for old man with 60-

  4. I know that its an all late comment but I hope you read this comment. The
    Liga BANCOMER MX(Mexico) has great players. Especially America

  5. In my opinion the only replacement for de Gea in Fifa 14 is ter Stegen due
    to age, potential and current rating.

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