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  1. Don’t blame your losses on two players. Before city got so rich we would blame our losses on being shit, why can’t any united fans admit their club can’t dominate the league forever (I mean you done a good job at that don’t get me wrong) But in my opinion united won’t be the same as they were for a while, regardless of Rio and Vidic.

  2. First game against West Brom, Rio and Vidic picked up injuries.. Two first-choice centre-backs, then it continued all through. If you had lost Kompany almost all season, you wouldn’t even finish 1st or 2nd.

  3. ‘All season’ hahahahahahahahahaha do you even watch football ? We were #1 until april you stupid prick… Then we lost to arsenal and drew a few games. Then came back from a 8 point margin in a month ahahaha. Such an idiot.

  4. Fact is, the scum should never have been 8pts behind a injured United team all season. Just shows how shit they are. Champions my arse.

  5. Your comment is spot on. Yes joe hart came from Shrewsbury Town. Yes man cheaty have never promoted any young talent. Whatever these fans say cheaty wouldn’t have achieved anything without money. they will remain a club who sold their respect in order to win trophies. They will never earn a football fan’s respect. Help from FA’s chairman and money wont take them far. Fukin Beggars!!!

  6. What is wrong with my grammar? Oh! I get it, I am using shortened form of the words. Funny. You sir made me laugh.
    Is it correct now? 😀 😀 😀

  7. also united along with liverpool brought english football up to date with everyone else without us it would still be all lump it long and hope for the best, yes we have dominated but if the rest of u werent so sht u might have been able to stop us

  8. kk so to the ppl sayin united did wat city did nd we wouldnt have won anythin without the money, the early united teams were made mostly of youth academy players and to this day the backbone of the team is still those players… we didnt buy scholes, giggs, beckham, g neville, p neville, butt

    and to repeat wat i said somewhere else if city dominated for the next 6 years then the ppl who say they like city winnin will say that they bought it all.. :))

  9. LOL, man Utd fans whinging about the advantage money gives Man City, completely oblivious to the fact Man Utd have had the biggest wage + transfer budget of any club for decades and would of won jack shit themselves without it.

  10. It is hilarious how Man Utd fans go on about Man City or Chelsea having money as if Man Utd had not had the biggest budget for decades before them and were winning stuff with the transfer & wage bills of Torquay United.

  11. He’s still being a dick, you can move and not hate on your old club, Ronaldo still respects United, and Rooney still respects Everton. They don’t really fire broadsides at their old clubs.

  12. When he did move did he say was that (I did the rigth choice) and that is well not offensive.I admit you about “haha you finished 3rd and im winning things” Yea that is well not a good move to do in media but i think he just want a revenge against arsenal fans because of they did say that Nasri wouldnt win something at City!

  13. He isn’t a dick for moving for money, no blame at all there… although being not rich, I can’t see why he’d need another 50 grand per week on top of the 50 grand he already has. It’s these scathing media attacks, telling Arsenal words to the effect of haha you finished 3rd look at me, I’m winning things! You don’t have a go at your old club just because they aren’t the best, the idea of there being the best teams is that there are always worse teams to judge them by.

  14. Man city has one of the best academy in England, they did have also a very good good academy before the “Money” and they always had.And “being a dick to your old club” , what has he done? its his LIFE the arsenal fans cant be nasri parents. If you had a job and then left it for another maybe a better one to. Arent you a dick then and that just sounds crazy.Like not be able to move if you not will be called a dick or something else.Its just arsenals who are jealous because a good play moves.

  15. Joe Hart came from Shrewsbury Town’s footy team, Richards didn’t start at City, but I’ll give you that. City have no real drive on developing young/home-grown players, but United at least have bought Powell, and grown players like Cleverley and WIll Keane, they’re trying. City’s solution is to buy new players when others leave. Fair enough if Nasri wants trophies n cash, but being a dick to your old club… not making himself popular.

  16. You can’t blame Vidic not being there, face it we beat you 6-1 in your own back yard, then came back months later and beat you 1-0 in our back yard, we got the hard teams when they were on form, you had arsenal at the beginning when they were bad, we had Arsenal when they were in third, we had Swansea and Sunderland when they were doing well, the only team you had on form was us, we haven;t lost a league game at the Etihad, your team at Swansea cost less than ours at Newcastle

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