25 Replies to “Manchester United Keeps Struggling | KTL with Jimmy Conrad

  1. 7 more months until Giuseppe Rossi and Super Mario are unleashed!!!! FORZA

  2. Why is no one talking about Messi? I predict Argentina to go far and Messi
    to prove he’s the best.

  3. Uruguay has mostly the same team from the 2010 WC, and let’s not forget
    that Forlán was the best player of that tournament, so I don’t see why
    Suarez can’t do the same with basically the exact same supporting cast
    (minus Forlán)

  4. is jimmy conrad married ? i keep seeing the ring on his finger but he has
    never even mentioned his wife

  5. oh yeah suarez haven’t been performing against arsenal, city, chelsea…
    he scored against ALL of them last season

  6. Its really annoying that you are doing the review show at 1 pm! How many
    AMERICANS (the most important of your viewers) can watch this show?! We
    will ALL be at school or at work! Are you purposely trying to torture us? I
    can’t even watch KTL live most of the time. :(

  7. Thomas Muller might just be the best player in 2014!! 😀 Seriously though
    he is full of assists and goals, makes space for himself and his team-mates
    and will relish off of the quick young team-mates.

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