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  1. manchester united 4 ever, all the haters feel jelous about what we have accomplished, all this titles, all this geat players, they wanna talk about us buying players ok, how much did we buy ronaldo, nani, valencia, scholes, giggs, van der sar, beckham, and inspite of that our players do not hv huge egos, no bench argument, no players leaving to play golf during the season and the best part is that we have the best manager ever in PL history, united fan since i was a kid and ill die a united fan

  2. you hate to see winners win again you hate that the best clubs have the best players you think wigan and wolves deserve to win the pl .. they cant fill their grounds yet they should be champions. i like goals and nice football you like the idea of everyone plays as poor as each other , go comment on your DOMESTIC sports like baseball n basketball leave the beautifull game to us .ive had enough of you now man, unless you apologise for your original post im not gonna type another word in reply

  3. i would be interested to know how your ideal league would work. to me it sounds like you want a system just like musical chairs where in transfer window ever player gets released then every club fights for the best players and teams so they just end up mixed groups year after year. regardless of the clubs history, staff , fanbase , stadium , revenue , style of play etc…

  4. the thing you should be hating is that chelsea and city are allowed to come along and piss all over that theory, they want to match uniteds years n years of hard work and building a team and do it in 1 year 2 year 3 year max. they offer players rediculous wages and agent fees not us, why you think pogbas leaving ? , why you think we didnt buy hazard ? or sneijder ? they want too much money we pay people what their worth being a united player is part of that deal all uniteds team could get more

  5. i explained this in the last comment you buy good utility and some creative players who will work hard and get the team further up the table. earn better rewards from the leagues prize pot. bring through good youth players who cost £0 maybe sign 1 or 2 people and and improve stadium / revenues.repeat and repeat till you have squad to win league.then go do it.. you obviously need a good manager and scouting team at the same time but none of that plan shows any need for a salary cap.

  6. When you continue to pay good players good money, they will stay with your club. How are the other teams going to have a chance when the other team dominates with good players that they are able to collect with the large finances they have?

  7. look mate, you have 2 options here come back with some more bullshit that i will correct you on or just apologise for talking so strong and stupidly on something you know absolutely FUCK ALL about. and stop having a go at any americans who support us thats got nothing to do with you, i’ll say it again were not a bandwagon we are a religion he could support barca, real , milan , chelsea all those teams you hate spending too much but he doesnt he supports man united and i respect him for that

  8. as well as being the brand of manchester united, the biggest sports team in the world .. you mad bro ? whys this ? we dont force ppl to support us , they support us because we have class , a ruthlesness about us, great/unfortunate history , great manager ,great fans ,great stadium, great players in the past and now. score the best goals and never give in, what do wolves and west brom have ? fuck all, we have shown you dont need to outspend everyone to be succesfull so youre argumant is still BS

  9. OMG , go away again and do some more research !!!! united were not champions before sir alex ferguson took over they had been years before with the busby babes but were fighting relegation when saf got the job, he made some good signings of utility (not in multi million pound deals) players brought scholes giggs beckham n co through soon after. then we mounted title charges. do some more research and you will see when you when something you get rewarded for it. this is what pays the top players

  10. Glad to know your loyal to your fucking club. Fact is you probably live in the United States and just hop on the United bandwagon. This video has nothing to do with Manchester City, and I never said they didn’t have to much money. I am tired to seeing United, Chelsea, Arsenal, and City on the leader-boards for these past SEVERAL years.

  11. I am not saying that City,Chelsea, and Arsenal are not like this. This video has nothing to do with those teams which Is why I did not mention them. What about teams like Wolverhampton, West Brom, and what seems like the majority of the rest of the teams. Theres only one thing keeping United’s, City’s, Chelsea’s, and Arsenal’s players on the team and that is money. Other teams could never meet what they are paying.

  12. i know youll go and research it now cos ive told u straight , be my guest … look at bought/sold when looking at our transfer policy we have bought some older players for expensive but with money from our youth being bought for high prices. get a figure , compare it to chelsea , city , barcelona , real madrid. we should be your hero’s judging by your criteria of why a club should be hated. seems you just hate success. guess your a loser. btw manchester united isn’t a bandwagon its a religion!!

  13. i shouldnt have wasted this much time on you but sometimes people really need to be told,youre jus an asshole who cant keep his mouth shut and resorts to talking complete bollocks about something he doesnt understand, youre first comment was unbeleivabely ill informed ,we are in debt u stupid fuck!!! not cos we spent too much, cos the current owners borrowed the money to buy us so there debt is now ours too before that we were financially comfortable, but youre second comment was even worse.

  14. there the ones who need there transfers and wage structures regulating, SERIOUSLY !!! do some fuckin research. before you come on here pretending you know it all, our manager is infamous for not paying silly money for players, so yea as far as we are concerned the sooner the financial fair play rule kicks in the better, schumacher kicked ass , tiger woods kicked ass , phil taylor kicks ass is it cos they have an exta 100 pound in there pocket ? no its because there talented sportsmen

  15. you meant completely,yes i gathered you hate man united, our recent success and domination has mostly been down to the fact that we brought and still do bring our young players through the likes of giggs, scholes, butt, beckham the 2 nevilles so on and so on they have been uniteds spine during these glory years and all cost peanuts.if we do ever spend big its on youth and we 9/10 get the best out of them due to our managers passion and drive its the likes of chelsea and city you should be hating

  16. Partially. I just honestly hate Manchester United, and how it is a fucking bandwagon. Money is the true key to being successful in any sport. It is a shame to see how some clubs seem to dominate excessively, and we all have to understand the true reason for that is money. A salary cap will fix that.

  17. hart cost all of 600k pounds. Milner=12m. Why are they on your holy list? Who bought de gea for 18m? Jones for 17m? Rio ferdinand for 30m?

  18. I agree. Dempsey would be a great signing. He is the fourth highest goal scorer in the premier league and what really makes that amazing is that most of his goals come from midfield. He has been whithout a doubt the best player for fulham.

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