12 Replies to “Olympiakos 2-0 Manchester United – Robin van Persie Post Match Interview (English Subtitles)

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    I upload in the best possible quality.

  2. He wants out and I would rather see moyes gone then RVP, we simply play
    shit football and its killing him, the players are past caring at this
    point and are beggining to point the finger and laugh at result, moyes has
    to go!

  3. very bad translation on some parts, his words get twisted a lot. Overal his
    critism on the team is pretty mild

  4. I know my subs weren’t perfect, but this video is worse than the other one.
    The first vid is way more accurate.

  5. I speak dutch and the translation/subs are shocking lol. Feeding a load of

  6. From watching this and reading the subtitles it seems like the Dutch
    language must take the equivalent of 5 words to say 1 English word.

  7. I’m sorry, but the translation is still bad. He is also speaking about his
    missed chance and why he missed it. And the complaining about his teammates
    is a bit overdone. He takes his own responsibility for missing his chance
    in the 82st minute, that is very important for a good understanding of the

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    Translation: Yeah! I Should of Scored

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