24 Replies to “Shinji Kagawa and Nick Powell unveiled at Manchester United

  1. After spending millions n after 44 years,Man city finally won the league….and it’s by goal difference… that shows they are still $hitty….. hahaha

  2. you have embarrasst me and every liverpool supporter with that comment man..

    kagawa is quality a good signing for man u

    and powell i dont have a clue who he is.

    but pls stop go and comment bad things on a man utd clip thats just wrong.. and focus on liverpool 🙂

  3. Both great young players, both have massive potential and both will be great future players, kagawa already plays up to a high standard and he will settle in quickly where as powell may take a bit more time coming from such a lower league and he now has to focus on training hard and getting his game right, very much looking forward to the new season and seeing how both players do! GGMU!

  4. League Table 2012/2013 Top. 8
    1.Manchester United
    2.Manchester City
    5.New Castle
    6.Arsenal ( If they sell rvp )

  5. i have to agree but to say kagawa is shit is like saying gerrard is shit very talented but as i am not a fan of manchester and never will be i hope they will do good there but henderson and downing did not show us that they were worthy.


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