25 Replies to “Sport – Blackburn Vs Manchester United | 02/04/2012 | (0-2) My Thoughts and Predictions

  1. Good answer!People have been mocking you for no reason, I got your point now.
    You are , were you are!
    it may not make sense, but iam not an englishman.

  2. i was aswell lol i commented if you look near the start waahayyy 2-0 even though i dont support them they will definatly win the league and they are a good side and there manager supports rangers!

  3. Best away fans in the country. suppose you haven’t watched united away ids on youtube or on tele mate Know about something before you say iy

  4. no some african is not 5 people you give up i dont see how u are in collage when i obviously didnt mean every person in the world so u give up stop being a dick and messaging back cos u have tp get the last message im gonna stop lets see how childish u are

  5. just give up ffs ur just making yourself look stupid i’m hardly going to be 8 if I go to college am and now because not just be but about 5 others have proved you wrong your trying to defend what you said i’d just give up now mate

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