25 Replies to “SportsStationTv – Manchester United vs Ajax 1-2 (3-2) 23/02/2012 Europa League –

  1. you’ve only heart us 90 minutes long, you only sing when you’re winning.
    where’s your famouw men in black? man u pussy’s

  2. @TheGrandtBen yea I think it’s pity Ajax didn’t win, but that just what I think. Manchester Utd is just a much better club with much more quality. Ajax is having much problems with the board, so I think I just need to be proud that we won! Ps. Sorry for my bad English, I’m Dutch!

  3. yeh, Ajax played very good and they almost got it, my hearth was beating so fast the last 5 minutes of the game. (from a Man Utd fan :p )

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