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  1. The fact that you would have the audacity to compare Messi to Wayne Fucking Rooney speaks volumes. Andrea Pirlo still must thank him for all the time and space Wayne afforded him during quarterfinals. Try learning a thing or two about football before making stupid comment defending a man who has consistently failed miserably at the international level. More bookings than goals in 2004. World Class do me favor.

  2. Haha! You are a joke. Messi and Ronaldo failed to produce the goods when it mattered? The penalties they missed were in the semi-finals of the Champions League. Wayne couldn’t make it out of the group stages with contemporary powerhouses Benefica, Otelu Galati, and FC Basel yet those two didn’t perform on the big occasion. Don’t piss on my leg and tell me it’s raining.

  3. no clue what you’re talking about, Rooney doesn’t rely on other players like messi. Nani had a injurie most of the season, and valencia played world class this season, but was not the barrior to Rooneys succes. Try learning a thing or two about football before you make a stupid comment like that

  4. ER MER GERD. RUNEY ES SOO UVERATED!!!!! HE SUCKZZZ. HALA MESSI AN RURNALDO. FUCK RUNEY! RUNEY PLAYD BAD IN EURO. That’s how i saw your comment. I don’t think you realise he scored 27 goals last season in the hardest league in the world. And you say he can’t perform in the big matches? He scored a hattrick against Arsenal, while Messi and Ronaldo both missed a penalty when they needed to perform, which resultet in a loss. Don’t call him overrated if you have no clue what you’re talking about.

  5. He will never be Pele. A complete joke to even put this imposter on par with Pele. Rooney is a portly semi-literate chav. He should focus and trying to at least match the feats of Michael Owen and yes Heskey. He’s been shit when it’s mattered for England. They looked better without him to be honest.

  6. Rooney made fun of the Toure brothers on his twitter page after the Ivory Coast lost on penalties in the ACN final back in January. If the Ivory Coast is anything like my country than they should have had a hearty laugh at Wayne’s performance for England this past summer. Karma is a bitch you tubby bastard. England deserve better than this fat tard conning the public as if he gave two shits. If only he had half the pride playing for England that the Toure bros have playing for Ivory Coast.

  7. the title should have been “Wayne Rooney-The Overrated pig” or “Wayne,the man who always lets his country down when playing for England”

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